Iran's Football at a Glance

Iranian football is always considered one of the greatest powers in Asia. In last two decades with the great investments in East-Asia and Arabic countries, and with lack of this investment in Iranian football, it would have been reasonable that Iran loses its position in Asian Football. But the great talents of Iran proved that wrong. Now its more than 3 years that Iran is leading the Asian teams in FIFA ranking.

Iranian young players are playing European leagues, and like Sardar in Rostov and AlirezaJahanbakhsh in Alkmaar, they are stars of their teams. There are many talents like Sardar in Iran, that haven't been taken seriously by European scouts. With this great talents, a strong connection between Iranian football and outside, can bring these talents to world football.

Iranian football league is also something to trace seriously. A league with average of 15,000 fans per game in stadium, and a league where a strong national team comes out of it. Although not so much successful in AFC Champions league recently, but Iranian teams our having a well performance against rich teams which sometimes one player of them has salary same as the whole budget of a Iranian team.